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ASSOS T.Equipe EVO Bib Shorts

Colour: profBlack
Size: XS

ASSOS T.Equipe EVO Bib Shorts

March 2022: ASSOS end of production sale item 
Limited sizes/quantities available.

Steady refinements over the years produced the ASSOS T Equipe S7 EVO Bib Shorts, representing the culmination of 5 years of engineering technologies and materials that represents the Swiss brand's identity towards perfection. The goal with these shorts was to produce super comfortable everyday bibs.Experience ASSOS bib shorts.

ASSOS crafts the T Equipe EVO from a textile known as Type.439 Diadema. This material is specific to Assos and it worked with its fabric supplier to create a superior material designed for the rigors of cycling. As soon as you put on the bibs, the first thing you'll notice is that they are incredibly comfortable and supportive. Exceptional breathability rapidly transfers moisture to its quick-drying outer surface. This smooth fabric has a weave of two different rates of 4-way stretch which provides a moderately compressive hold, supporting hard-working leg muscles.

This Type.439 material is finished with an iceColor application, which reflects sunlight and thus reduces heat absorption helping keep muscles cooler. ASSOS developed a design known as Aero Patterning Fenomeno1. It allows for construction of the garment with a single seam on the rear of your legs so the main fabric can provide more compression and support as it wraps around your thighs. At the leg openings, the Super Flat Grippers are minimal, offering optimal stretch holding the cuffs in place without any excessive pressure.

The Assos fit is unique and these particular bibs are more form-fitting and compressive than its regularFit and comfortFit options. As such, it provides a slightly asymmetrical compressive hold that stretches more around your body, rather than vertically. This stretch works to firmly secure the shorts in place, for better aerodynamics and comfort while in the cycling position, feeling more dialed while stretched out to the bars and slightly more restrictive when off the bike. This feeling has long been known to Assos' devoted followers as the signature "click on" fit. Y7 Frame Carrier Bib Tech further bolsters this cycling specific support and by utilizing wider cuts of elastic, the pressure is better distributed on the shoulders.

Perhaps the most important feature of cycling shorts is the chamois. This insert, known as the equipeEVO_S7 comes in a distinctive black color. Further refinements include cutouts at the front known ad Krater Ventilation for increased airflow helping to improve comfort on longer, hotter rides.

As one of the most technologically advanced chamois inserts on the market, Assos' superiority comes from its extensive product testing and support of the sport's finest. The engineers began with an 8mm-thick memory foam material and its shock absorbing composition providing comfort. The Assos Waffle design makes an appearance with its perforated design working to increase breathability while shedding weight. Additionally, this dimpling, combined with the ultra-soft microfiber top sheet, effectively pulls moisture from within the layers below. Once the chamois layup was up to their standards, the engineers began rethinking the way a traditional chamois is attached to the shorts. This led to a design called Golden Gate, which removes the stitching along both of the chamois' side panels, allowing for three-dimensional freedom of movement and a floating chamois of sorts. The reduction of seams helps further reduce friction and an anti-bacterial treatment is utilized to improve hygiene.