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ASSOS SS.FF_1Jersey_evo7

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ASSOS SS.FF1Jersey_evo7

July 2019: ASSOS end of production sale item. Limited availability.

The SS.FF_1Jersey_evo7 is our cutting edge ideal of a summer cycling jersey. An apt symbol for the shared ambitions of ASSOS and our Formula 1 partners Mercedes-AMG Petronas.

The complete realisation of our partnership with the mighty Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team, this is a truly state of the art cycling jersey. Showcasing engineering congruent with the spirit of the most advanced motorsport in the world, the SS.FF_1Jersey_evo7 has an integrated skinFoil for supreme climate control and weight reduction, employs our Sens Classic Tex fabric for the freedom and comfort its elasticity and softness provide, integrates a Stabilizator S7 Knit panel on the rear that boosts breathability while keeping everything stable and balanced - a hugely powerful array of textile technology.

The smaller details on this summer cycling jersey are a cut above too: Super Level Pockets are placed at just the optimal height for ease of access with a reflective strip for visibility and our triple ramp concept for preventing contents escaping; a light-absorbing rear elastic hem for added safety in hazardous light conditions. With these great features in place, the jersey’s performance is underpinned by the ASSOS racingFit, a precise and efficient cut developed with unique ASSOS expertise. Leave nothing to chance.

Color: FF1green