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ASSOS rainGlove evo7

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ASSOS rainGlove evo7

Look forward to the rain. Supreme dexterity and warmth in a lightweight waterproof glove. Make every ride perfect, even in very adverse weather conditions. 

The perfect glove for a wide range of wet conditions. Even in temperate climates, wet hands on the bike can quickly chill, leading to numbness, discomfort and difficulty controlling the bike. This goes against the ASSOS ethos of #sufferincomfort. That’s why ASSOS designed these low volume neoprene ASSOS rainGloves, which are unbeatable in providing minimalist, yet excellent protection. With a flat palm featuring subtle grippers for road riding, all-road adventure cycling or MTB, these rain gloves have improved ergonomics and a minimal number of seams. 

Whenever rain threatens to make your hands cold and uncomfortable. A waterproof glove designed to serve in a broad range of conditions. Use alone in mid-range temperatures or in combination with an ASSOS liner glove in extreme conditions. Suitable for cycling on all-roads and terrain!

Color: blackVolkanga
Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG