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ASSOS Rain Booties

Size: I

ASSOS Rain Booties

Ultra lightweight, zip-free waterproof overshoes with a performance-leading design. #equipmentnotclothing #sufferincomfort

A rain bootie to face bad weather head-on, these are our race-tuned rework of a classic item of cycling apparel. Fine-tuned for the UCI WorldTour and setting a new benchmark, these Rain Booties rely on a blend of high-tech materials and an ingenious construction that locks out wind and water without compromising on weight or breathability.

For this super lightweight Rain Bootie, the ASSOS fabric specialists have flexed their know-how to deploy an innovative internal membrane that prevents any water from entering into your riding shoe. As conventional models frequently struggle with rainwater entering from the bottom or ankle while riding, ASSOS decided to adopt a waterproof internal membrane instead. This means that the overshoe essentially creates a seal around your shoe, stopping the water from penetrating it and keeping your feet dry. The taped raw-cut edges around the cleat hole and heel, raw-cut ankle edges and its zip-free design all contribute to its premium quality and keep the volume to a minimum. The result is a high performance piece of equipment that’s fit for pros and amateurs alike, so you will be ready when the storm hits.

Color: blackSeries only
Sizes: 0, I, II, III

Size Guide:
0= Euro 35-38 | USA-CDN 4-6
I= Euro 39-42 | USA-CDN 6.5-9
II= Euro 43-47 | USA-CDN 9.5-12
III= Euro 47+

N.B. These are for road cycling shoes only. 

Important note: These ASSOS Zip-Free overshoes are high performance cycling equipment. Please do not rush to put them on. These are very tight fitting and require a certain element of finesse to put on. The Zip-Free overshoes are put on BEFORE your cycling shoes. With a little experience this will become an easy and intuitive part of the pre-ride procedure.

Step 1. Put your foot through the upper opening and then out the cleat opening. Then pull the overshoe up around your ankle.
Step 2. Put on your cycling shoe.
Step 3. Carefully pull the heel area of the shoe cover down and into position around the rear of the shoe.
Step 4. Carefully pull the front area of the shoe cover forward and over the front of the shoe. Done! HAVE A GOOD RIDE!

EVA KANT: A proprietary, tech-savvy fabric that is rapidly becoming our go-to waterproof protection. Matte-lacked in black with a water column of 10 mt, this is a form-fitting fabric that is super light and stretchy.
Internal membrane: Going against convention we have placed the waterproof membrane of this product on the inside, creating an internal seal against the bottom of the shoe and also the ankle of the rider that stops water from penetrating the bootie.
Zip-free construction: Taking inspiration from the design and cut used on the prototype bootie that was worn to a Gold medal at the Men’s Time Trial at the Rio Olympics, this is a design that has been stripped back for increased comfort and performance.
Taped raw-cut edges: The raw-cut edges for the cleat, heel and ankle edge eliminates seams to retain warmth and increase comfort for this product that will certainly encounter inclement weather and tough riding throughout the seasons.