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ASSOS monogramSock_evo8

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ASSOS monogramSock_evo8

Styled to match the hottest days, the Monogram Socks are classic in their length and modernist in their patterning. Made from a comfortable blend of Polypropylene, Elastane, and Polyamide, their construction guarantees breathability and improved airflow–crucial factors while cycling. Fitting optimally to the foot, they are suited to intensive riding in summer conditions.

Created for hot weather, the ASSOS Monogram cycling socks are designed to keep your feet fresh and cool. Leave the overshoes off as these socks work best when used alone. Left and right specific for a perfect fit.

Riding is so much easier on those days when everything clicks into place, like those hot summer days when you gain maximum performance from every single piece of your clothing. It is with this in mind that ASSOS developed this revolutionary summer cycling sock. Using a unique combination of materials these socks emulate the performance of the ASSOS skinfoil baselayers. This sock will give you the perfect fit to make sure that your feet stay cool and dry even during the hottest days of the year.

Colors: blackSeries, voltYellow, nationalRed, holyWhite, calypsoBlue

Sizes: O, I, II

Size Guide:
0= Euro 35-38 | USA-CDN 4-6
I= Euro 39-42 | USA-CDN 6.5-9
II= Euro 43-46 | USA-CDN 9.5-12