ASSOS milleJacket_evo7

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ASSOS milleJacket_evo7

Winter conquered. The wind and wet are no match for the milleJacket_evo7, an essential daily staple of your cold weather riding wardrobe.

We know that biting winds and teeming rain are more than inconveniences in cycling. But frankly we’re not prepared to be stopped. In many ways the lynchpin of our winter range, the milleJacket_evo7 is made to deal with anything winter can throw at you. ASSOS cycle clothing is smarter so you can be tougher. Principally, this most hardy ASSOS cycling jacket is crafted from a twinDeck foil consisting of Plutocrat Ultra and RX. It’s a construction that delivers amazing wind blocking, full insulation and significant waterproofing. From the redesigned comfort enhanced collar right down to the raw-cut cuffs, the milleJacket_evo7 has been designed to help the rider beat winter at every turn of the pedals. Indeed, the pockets have even been optimised, being made from our winter wonder Plutocrat with a protective membrane that will keep your provisions pristine.

Ideal for a wide range of day to day winter riding from steady commutes to demanding training sessions. This winter riding jacket is best worn over an ASSOS body insulator: the LS.skinFoil_earlywinter_evo7 and LS.skinFoil_winter_evo7 will each work well. Designed to tackle winter cycling, we recommend ensuring the entirety of your outfit is just as effective. Check out the bonkaGlove_evo7 and neckProtector_s7 for complete ASSOS coverage.

Colors: blockBlack, voltYellow, nationalRed, holyWhite

Sizes:  XS, S, M, L, XL, XLG, TIR