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ASSOS MILLE GTO Bib Shorts C2 longLeg

Colour: Flamme d'or
Size: XS

ASSOS MILLE GTO Bib Shorts C2 longLeg

Quick info: MILLE GTO Bib Short C2> insert MILLE GTO C2 21mm>standard + long length leg

GTO is the pinnacle of total comfort in the ASSOS MILLE GT line, the spiritual successor of CENTO and Campionissimo, engineered with the most responsive multi-density ASSOS insert to date (21mm total thickness). ASSOS recommend wearing the GTO for your longest rides ...or on any ride for great comfort. The GTO has two leg lengths: STANDARD and LONG (+3cm vs standard).

Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG
Colors: Flamme d'or, blackSeries

MILLE GTO C2 Insert: Constructed with stitch-free goldenGate side panels and reversed seams throughout for frictionless comfort. The front section features the new sunDeck superlight—successor to the iconic kukuPenthouse—made using an ultrasoft foam-free textile to form a preshaped cup that supports the male anatomy and promotes maximum ventilation. The insert introduces ASSOS twin21 System composed of three separate layers 11mm + 10mm = 21mm total thickness.
MICROSHOCK: 11mm of lightweight foam creates the foundation of the insert with its shock-absorbing composition.
FILTERFOAM: 10mm of lower-density matrix foam is sandwiched between the microShock and 3D waffle to fully absorb microvibrations. Open-cell structure exhausts excess moisture.
3D WAFFLE: This patented next-to-skin, 3-layer perforated foam increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.

ASSOS MILLE GT Bib Shorts GTO are conventional bib short construction formulas re-invented. ASSOS reversed stitch lines and radically reshaped the insert to eliminate friction and genital pressure, while providing matchless muscle support with tapered, wrinkle-free leg panels that mirror your personal physique. 

The primary textile of these bibshorts is OSSIDIA, striking the ideal balance between frictionless comfort and muscle supporting compression. Its warp-knit composition is made with ultrathin, elastic yarns for muscle hold, breathability and a silky-smooth wrap along your low back and thighs. The front panel is made with LOSANGA, a new ASSOS-developed textile that eliminates pressure against sensitive areas.

The GTO straps and leg panels are constructed using ASSOS rollBar and one-piece Butterfly panel designs for stability. Each leg panel features louvreTec darted construction, which tapers down the outside of each thigh for a custom, compressive hold. 

Fit: Classic Regular
Compression: medium high

zeroWaist: A raw-cut, tape-reinforced edge for the smoothest transition possible between the body and fabric panel. More comfort with less pressure.
superFlat X-FRAME: A single section of elastic material—folded over on itself—forming a supportive X-frame that delivers limited vertical stretch in the rear.
skinGrip finish: Raw-cut edge with minimal silicone treatment secures the shorts in place without any excessive pressure.
AEPD C2: Increased Comfort + Stability—Butterfly Panel | X-Frame | Louvre Tec
TEXTILE: OSSIDIA Muscle Stabilizer | IceColor -5°C | Abrasion Protection | OdorControl Antibacterial | Anatomic 4-way Modul
INSERT MILLE GTO C2: Shock-Absorb Damping System Twin 21 | 3D Waffle | goldenGate | Whirlkrater | Sundeck Superlight