ASSOS HotSummer NS SkinFoil

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ASSOS HotSummer NS SkinFoil

New ASSOS 2018 Spring/Summer item. 

A crucial element of your summer riding outfit, a sleeveless skinFoil is your next-to-skin first layer for the hottest days of the year and has been designed to meet the demands of professional cycling team riders.

Based on feedback from BMC Racing Team professional riders, ASSOS has constructed a super-light skinFoil option for the year’s hottest days and most strenuous situations. The seamless construction ensures that all ASSOS skinFoil baselayers have a pleasing, non-restrictive, total comfort fit. The textile has not been knitted using flatbed technology; instead it is spun on tubular machines, much like socks, which gives skinFoils a better fit, improved performance and more comfort. ASSOS skinFoils have been engineered to react to your intensity of sweating and the subsequent cooling effect with what we call a push-pull effect that works as your personal micro-climate, essentially pushing moisture to the next or outer layer to cool you down when hot, or pulling it back as insulation when cold. Our high performance jerseys and jackets may not reach their performance potential if your first layer does not function properly, hence the engineering that we’ve put into what many would deem a simple item of clothing.

This is the lightest skinFoil baselayer in the ASSOS family and has been designed specifically to target the hottest days of the year based on direct feedback from pro-team riders–just look at the climbs and the temperatures encountered at the Giro d'Italia, the TDF and the Vuelta and you’ll understand why there’s a need. All ASSOS skinfoils are intended to be worn directly on your skin, underneath your bibs and jersey. The skinFoil operates optimally after it becomes slightly wet when riding. This is a good sign because the skinFoil fibres use this humidity as an insulator or coolant to help keep you comfortable. ASSOS skinFoils are unisex. ASSOS does not direct which skinFoil to wear in what season; the choice is dependent on the climatic conditions of the day, the intensity of your ride, your unique body sensitivity and your fitness level. Ultimately, these are pieces for fine-tuning your outfit.

Color: holyWhite
Sizes: O,I,II,III

Size guide:
I= M,L

TECHNOLOGY: Transport mesh: A new technology for summer skinFoils that increases breathability and speeds up the push-pull effect. seamless tubular knitting technology: the meticulously calibrated yarn matrix is spun on tubular machines, much like a sock. polypropylene fiber blend: with non-absorbent, wicking properties, this antistatic and antibacterial blend ensures excellent moisture management and climate regulation while keeping the weight of the product down to a minimal and comfort to the maximum. regularFit / unisex: Relying on our Campionissimo AEPD (the Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design), we’ve adopted the tubular seamless construction to guarantee a cosy fit thanks to extreme elasticity. Hem construction: minimal seams for maximum comfort. bodyMap: Depending on the body area, the fabric has different thicknesses, structure and elasticity, which works to enhance its performance, breathability and moisture management. COMPOSITION: 93%PP 3%PA 4%EA