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ASSOS Chamois Cream

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ASSOS Chamois Cream

Why suffer more than you have to? ASSOS Chamois Cream is an ultra-luxe essential for every preRide ritual. Makes long rides more enjoyable and comfortable.  #haveagoodride  #sufferincomfort

ASSOS Chamois Cream reduces friction, helps prevent inflammation and has antibacterial protective properties. Apply a light layer to your skin and the chamois insert in key contact areas before each ride. Rehydrates, replenishes and protects the skin in this sensitive area. Provides a reduced chance of rubbing and inflammation with the associated risk of saddle sores and discomfort. 

An all-round product; road riding, mountain biking or gravel grinding. Used by many professional riders regardless of the brand of their shorts.

ASSOS Chamois Cream – simply a must. Don't leave home without it! Have a Good Ride!

size: 140ml