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ASSOS Bonka EVO Bib Tights

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ASSOS Bonka EVO Bib Tights

October 2021: ASSOS end of production sale item 
Limited sizes/quantities available.

Engineered for the coldest, harshest winter conditions, the iconic Bonkas ensure no amount of weather deters your winter program. The ASSOS tights of the Bonka range have evolved. Developed from an arsenal of proven textiles to cope with harsh winter conditions. Featuring our CENTO EVO insert, these tights now offer you an unparalleled level of insulation, protection and long distance ride comfort.

Due to their protective double layer construction, these cycling tights offer the excellent cold weather protection. ASSOS Bonka tights have been specially designed to deliver exceptional performance even in the toughest conditions, when the majority of cyclists, except the most enthusiastic, are forced to stay inside.

Starting with highly insulated brushed RX Heavy fabric a double-layer construction is utilized with Stratagon Ultra two-layer textile at the knees, hips and thighs for added protection. This allows the lower front part of your body to stay completely protected from showers, spray, penetrating winds and low temperatures. RX Light fabric is applied on the back of the legs for more ventilation in this area subjected to a high level of flexion.

The Bonka cut corresponds to the racingFit category, which gives them a moderate level of compression due to their double-layer design. Both fabric panels have a predefined shape and are sewn to fully enclose the upper leg muscles, knees and calves, providing support when you're in the saddle. This allows the bibtights to follow the movements of your legs with each pedal stroke. Our CENTO EVO insert benefits from a memory foam of 10 mm thickness for a comfort assured with each outing. ASSOS CLIMACODE 3.3 WINTER - color code blue

Available color: blackSeries
Available size range: XS, S, M, L, XL, XLG, TIR

RX Heavy: A brushed warp-knit fabric that has been developed to provide exceptional comfort, wick moisture, add high levels of insulation, and remain extremely flexible. 290g/m2, ECO water-repellent, and odorControl.
Stratagon Ultra: A patented 2L windproof and highly breathable softshell constructed with a PU bonded membrane for added water-repellency that maximizes insulation while minimizing bulk.Weight: 150g/m2 Breathability: MVP 19,000g/m2/24h; Water Column: >10,000mm; Elasticity: 4-way stretch.Used as an additional layer on the knee, hip, and thigh areas.
blasenSchutz: An abdomen and crotch panel made with our highly breathable, wind- and waterproof Stratagon Ultra material to increase comfort and warmth.
RX Light: Lightweight, asymmetrical-stretch warp-knit fabric developed to provide light insulation and boost comfort in high-flex areas. 205g/m2, ECO water-repellent, and odorControl.
DWR: Treated with our Durable Water Repellent treatment to add one more level of insurance against the elements.
waterBarrier: Our Geoprene outermost layer at the bottom of the leg that repels water and adheres to booties.
CENTO S7 EVO: The CENTO elastic interface insert, evolved. New black colorway, and our proven 10mm of memory foam, this insert is nestled at the intersection between comfort and performance.
3D waffle: A patented, three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
goldenGate: A patented technology that interrupts the stitching along both of the insert's side panels, allowing a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, rotational area.
kukuPenthouse: A soft, brushed microfiber layer added to the front part of the insert that supports the male anatomy, eliminates pressure, and increases ventilation.
Y7 Frame Carrier Bib Tech: Wide, flexible bib straps converge at the upper back in a Y-shape design, resulting in a flat, stable structure that disappears between the shoulder blades.
Stabilizator V3: Dorsal stabilizer in a solid mesh with limited vertical stretch. Includes updated line graphics and climaCode.
Reflective Bands: Placed on the backs of the calves for added visibility.
racingFit: A fit that is tighter and slightly more compressive than our alternative regularFit and comfortFit options. It may feel restrictive out of the riding position but feels like a second skin while riding, resulting in improved comfort and less drag.