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ASSOS iJ.intermediateLady_s7

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ASSOS iJ.intermediateLady_s7

ASSOS Performance equipment for women. A cycling must-have item for women who ride a lot and demand total protection and comfort.

The ASSOS iJ.intermediateLady_s7 provides total comfort and light protection when temperatures are a bit cool. Ideally suited for early morning rides or when riding in rapidly changing climatic conditions. The perfect Spring/Fall longsleeve jersey/top with wind-block front and neck areas.

The airBlock stratagonUltra fabric used for the front panel is an exclusive R&D product of the ASSOS textile laboratory and its network of textile engineers. Engineered specifically for ASSOS, it represents the very latest development of thermo-response membrane fabrics:
• Micro-thin two-layer memoryfoil shield composite
• Impermeability
• Nonporous, hydrophilic
• Molecule gapping technology.
• Flexible barrier function enables it to respond to your body temperature and perspiration level
• Extremely low volume, thin and high tech. 

Comfort tip: Always combine your ASSOS iJ.intermediateLady_s7 with your ASSOS interactive bodyInsulator as the first, next-to-skin layer. ASSOS offers a specific bodyInsulator for each of our four climaRanges. To extend the versatility of your iJ.intermediate_s7 equipment, combine it with a lighter or heavier bodyInsulator that best suits the riding conditions and your preferences.
Suggested temperature range; 12C to 20C

Colors: redSwiss, blackVolkanga, whitePanther

Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG

Technology: The iJ.intermediate_s7 features 6 different textiles, 17 patterns and 14 components. Using apparel engineering that follows the ASSOS philosophy of cycling-specific body-mapping pattern design results in a piece of high performance technical equipment.
• Front panel: stratagonUltra airBlock fabric. Advantages: Extreme stretch, extreme low volume, advanced breathability transmission factor.
• Side and rear panels made with special ASSOS fabric that creates a better-performing body-temperature-regulation function.
• Upper arms feature a superlight, fleecy type of insulation fabric. Nicely adhering, it keeps your arms cozy and well protected and provides total freedom of movement.
• the front collar also features airBlock protection
• Full zip with upper part flap protection.
• Three rear pockets. The center one is zippered and made of membrane incorporated fabric to give its contents light water protection.
• WristWrap: more comfort and stable fit of the sleeves with this ASSOS construction feature.