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FSE EVO Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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FSE EVO Carbon Clincher Wheels

The FSE carbon fiber method makes the rims more than 40% stronger than any other layup carbon fiber rim. 

Filament Spin Evolution: Next generation carbon fiber - computer controlled. Carbon fibers are bathed in resin before spinning around a proprietary mandrel resulting in 100% efficiency and maximum quality.

Lightest Carbon: Less is lighter! 100% accuracy in our carbon fiber process means less resin and material waste.

Stronger & Stiffer: More control. FSE Wheels are uncanny in their cornering performance due to their lateral stiffness thanks to the Filament Spin Evolution carbon process. High-speed wobble is practically eliminated. Sharp cornering now feels effortless.

240ºC Hi Temp Brakes: Safer. High Temperature resin and stronger carbon allows for excellent heat handling and dissipation.

Greener: Filament-Spin-Evolution method carbon fiber is a far more energy efficient way to build carbon fiber. Only one oven process is used. The FSE method also produces much less waste as it is computer controlled to 100% quality.
FSE 260 SL Super Light front hubs paired with Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo 10/11 compatible freehubs equipped with the proprietary steel wear plate prevents cassette bite.