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Elite Fuoripista Smart Bike

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Elite Fuoripista Smart Bike by Adriano Design - winner of several international awards- designed for Elite an iconic bike that combines sculptural and architectural beauty with remarkable functionality, allowing for a training session that faithfully recreates a real road race on your bike. A new way of interpreting a fitness accessory.

FUORIPISTA is no longer gym exclusive. It is so beautiful that becomes an object of desire, to show off, to praise, one you would ride with pride and joy. A dream machine along with you would ride away some of the most spectacular cycling routes in the world, virtualized on a tablet mounted on its front.

Accuracy: +-2.5%
Flywheel: 44lbs
Max Wattage: 2500 W
Max Incline: 25%

Design and performance just like Elite
Interactive Stationary Bike;

- Integrated Power Meter, +-2.5% accuracy
- Virtual shifter
- Made with noble materials: wood, glass, and aluminum alloy
- Adjustable saddle and handlebar
- ANT+, FE-C, PWR, S&C, Bluetooth Smart communication protocols
- 36-month My E-Training included
- Compatible with Zwift and other software
- Stand Alone option
- Lithium rechargeable battery for power supply

Special order from Elite.