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Continental Olympic II Tubular

Continental Olympic II Tubular

The best velodrome race cyclists in the world rely on the best indoor tires in the world: Many victories were achieved with the Olympic in World Cups and Olympic Games. This is the absolute top product from our tubular tire range, manufactured in Germany. Every structural element is chosen carefully and mounted by hand – where a fraction of a second decides races, precision and perfection are required. 

The Olympic II is suitable for all velodrome race cycling disciplines. Its highly firm casing allows a pressure of up to 15 bar and at the same time it was optimized for the lowest possible rolling resistance and the lowest possible weight. Now featuring black chili compound and an all black tread and casing.

Size: 19mm

• 2 plies/ total 220 tpi
• Colour: Black
• Weight: 185 grams
• Recommended inflation: 170 psi
• Maximum inflation: 220 psi