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Continental Giro tubular

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Continental Giro tubular

The Continental Giro meets its billing as an "inexpensive training tubular". Keep that in mind and don’t expect a top level racing performance. As an off-season or training run-around tubular it adequately fulfills those expectations. The ribbed tread is wear optimized and grippy enough in either wet or dry conditions and is reasonably resistant to cuts.

Available in just one width, 22mm, these tires can be pumped to the stated 10 bar/145psi max pressure but a recommended ride pressure for most people would be in the 110-115psi zone. At a weight of 300g, these are not mega-light but you’re not going to be racing on these.

Tubular tires are used primarily because of their excellent rolling characteristics and handling properties. With the Continental Giro, you can also rely on these strengths during recreational/training rides.

Provide an excellent value for the relative cost.

Size: 22mm only

• 2 plies x 80/ total 160 tpi
• Colour: tan/black
• Weight: 300 grams
• Recommended inflation: 115psi
• Maximum inflation: 145psi