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ASSOS armWarmer_evo7

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ASSOS armWarmer_evo7

One of the least complicated, yet simultaneously most versatile pieces. The ASSOS armWarmer_evo7 really is a must-have piece for spring/fall and summer - if not in your wardrobe, then certainly in your back pocket. A flexible accessory for fall and spring, these are items that no cyclist should be without.

Designed for use during those cooler moments when wearing a short sleeve jersey. ALS Tips - low volume, small, light and versatile. Many uses; for the whole ride in spring/fall or for those cooler moments, early mornings or mountain tops, during the summer. They are quick to put on and small enough to fit in your pocket if not needed. Designed to keep you warm, comfortable and to fit you well, there is more to these than you would think. #equipmentnotclothing

color: blockBlack
sizes: O,I,II
Size Guide:
O= XS - S
I= M - L

Low Complexity: Using a one-pattern construction we have made sure that the same fit can be experienced though out our size range. A tapered cut, following the anatomy of the arm, they will give you maximum comfort and performance. 
RX Light fabric: As with ASSOS kneeWarmers, we have used RX Light in these because it is thermal, elastic and breathable. This means you will be kept warm, with the best fit, but will also allow you to stay cool.
Elastic: To make sure they stay in place whilst riding we have used a full circle of elastic on the upper, providing stability when you are moving.
Label: Anatomically specific for each arm, left and right, we have added a small label to make sure you always get the perfect fit.