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ASSOS bonkaGlove_evo7

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ASSOS BonkaGlove_evo7

April 2019: ASSOS end of production sale item
...new version available early Autumn 2019

The ASSOS gloves for cycling during cold winter weather.

Constructed with a highly-technical fabric on the back that combines Assos’ airBlock and water-repellent treatment, the glove blocks any cold wind or water penetrating the glove. This is further enhanced by a neoprene cuff that not just fits perfectly to your wrist, but forms a seal between your arm and the jacket which cuts out any heat loss.

When the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, an abrasion resistant palm with added grip ensure your hands aren’t sliding around the bars. This grip is durable and super sticky,  multi-density padding stops the vibrations from the road taking an affect on your palms. The thermostatic function within this technical blend of fabrics also allows heat to slowly pass in and out of the membrane, stopping a huge heat build up but keeping enough in to stop your hands getting cold.

Prevents heat loss from your hands whilst protecting from cold air and light showers
Technical fabric blend of airBlock with a water repellent treatment is ideal for battling the oncoming conditions
Multi-density padding with thermostatic function eliminates road vibrations whilst allowing hot air to pass seamlessly in and out of the glove
Abrasion resistant palm with grip function ensures your hands are planted to the bars
Low volume neoprene cuffs fit perfectly and keeps a constant interface between your arm and the jacket to stop heat escaping

Color: Block Black
Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG