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Tacx Thru-Axle adapter 142mmx12mm

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Tacx Thru-Axle adapter 142mmx12mm

Tacx Thru-Axle Adapter quick release skewer, with cylindrical shape and flat outer surface, ideal for safely securing your bike into your Tacx trainer.

Use these quick releases to place a bike with disc brakes or a mountain bike with axle skewer in a Tacx direct drive trainer. Both axles are supplied with an adapter set so you can select the right combination for your bike. These axles are only suitable for the Tacx direct drive trainers. Other axles are available for the classic trainers, and replace the standard axle skewer.

Universal quick release for placing your bike in the trainer or direct drive. This axle makes racing bikes and mountain bikes with an axle skewer suitable for Tacx trainers and replaces the standard quick release during trainer sessions.

Tacx model T2835

Suitable for bikes with axle skewer attachment 142x12mm