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SwissStop FlashEvo BXP Brake Pads (SHIMANO-SRAM)

SwissStop FlashEvo BXP Brake Pads (SHIMANO-SRAM)

Shimano 9/10/11 and SRAM brake calipers/ new generation wider aluminium rims

Designed to work specifically with Shimano 9/10/11 and SRAM brake calipers and the latest wider aluminum rims. Sold as a set of four.

Provides absolutely best brake power (wet and dry) and allows the rider to precisely modulate the braking on aluminum rims. No squeaking and very slight wear.

The all-new 'BXP' compound now replaces the 'GHP2' for aluminum rims, even when you thought improving it would have been difficult. Some of its new features are:

Greater stopping power: For the same amount of squeezing on your brake lever, BXP applies more braking force. This means you'll stop sooner. In a dry-condition stopping distance test, the BXP needed 35 meters to brake from 60km/h down to zero. Compare this to its predecessor, the GHP2, which needed 43 meters in similar conditions. And then compare even further to it's nearest competitor, which needed 58 meters.

Improved modulation: Applying maximum braking force is easy to control with predictable, linear response from lever input. You'll be able to 'feather' the brakes with more control, and engage them without a 'sticky' feeling.