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ASSOS fuguCap_S7

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 ASSOS fuguCap_S7

April 2019: ASSOS end of production sale item
New version of this item available: ASSOS Cap Winter

Add warmth and wind resistance by donning the ASSOS fuguCap, which provides targeted air-blocking in a compact and breathable package.

Keeping the cold on the outside without the risk of overheating, the ASSOS Fugu Cap provides tailored wind resistance and insulation while retaining superb breathability. Composed of two different textiles, eight patterns and five components this high performance cycling cap features our proprietary Stratagon Airblock fabric towards the front for increased protection. Areas less affected by the wind while cycling are rendered in more readily permeable materials to keep the rider’s temperate comfortably regulated. Reflective edging and eyewear retention loops add functionality to this premium cycling cap

size range: O, I, II
color: whitePanther

• 0 = 48-53cm / 19-21"
• I = 53-58cm / 21-23"
• II = 58-63cm / 23-25"