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Time Fluidity Aktiv Frameset

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The Time Fluidity is designed and optimised to be the perfect travel companion for long days in the saddle. It provides outstanding comfort and the ideal sitting position without compromising on its performance output. This frame will take you to new heights, pushing your riding experience father than ever before with efficiency, elegance and reliability.

Designed to excel in the endurance sector, this frame blends the best qualities of aerodynamics, power transfer and long-distance comfort perfectly. With the addition of the AKTIV fork, which has a custom tuned sprung-mass section within one of the fork legs, it eradicates road buzz for greater comfort and superior cornering traction.


  • Material: RTM Resin Transfer Mould Carbon Fibre
  • Fork: AKTIV RTM Carbon Fibre 
  • Use: Race, Endurance, Tour
  • Seatpost: Time Traditional


  • Carbon Fibre Braiding: Vectran fibre is characterised by a high absorption capacity, whereas Carbon fibre is known to be lighter and more rigid. Once combined, these fibres are braided to obtain a “sock” of fibres then moulded. The benefits of this technology compared to other processes are an advanced ride quality, comfort and outstanding handling.

  • AKTIV: TIME has revolutionised the cycling world when they launched the AKTIV fork onto the market. They placed an AKTIV mass damper system in each sleeve of the fork. This lessens the vibratory phenomenon at its source and as close to the road as possible. By vibrating themselves at a given frequency, they dissipate vibrations felt in the seat, stem and handlebars. Unlike most existing systems, AKTIV fork is an active device fully preserving your physical potential, improving the behaviour of your bike, and increasing your pedalling efficiency.

  • Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM): RTM technology enables precise and excellent reproducibility of the desired ride characteristics. The injection of the resin under pressure ensures consistent impregnation of the fibre weave layers and eliminates the risk of delamination and structural weakness.

Complete bike available for $4800 with:

Shimano Ultegra Rim brake R8000

Alloy wheelset ( Mavic, Fulcrum, Vision) 

Deda Elementi Zero2 Stem/handlebar