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Colnago Master Frameset

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Colnago Master Frameset

A timeless jewel of timeless style, with its stellar steel tubes, chrome lugs and the Precisa fork. The timeless myth: The only steel frame with tubes with a star section; the Colnago Master.

The lugs play a fundamental role in the Master, both from an aesthetic point of view and from the point of view of the actual construction of the frame. There are three of them: the head tube, seat post, and bottom bracket.

The Precisa fork was introduced in the late ‘80s, and it led the way for all of Colnago’s future fork production. At the time, its straight blades were revolutionary and improved the absorption of vibrations coming up from the ground as well as giving better overall control of the bike. The blades and steerer tube come in steel.

The thin tubes are made of steel and have a star shape. In addition to ensuring an incomparable aesthetic, the shape also provides better resistance to torsions. The tubes are made of DT15V alloy steel which gives an excellent elastic response and is ideal for long-distance riding

Also possible are a variety of Neo-Retro custom builds for this frame. Current components such as classic silver alloy Campagnolo Centaur 11s comes to mind or perhaps a Campagnolo Chorus 12s groupset would not seem out of place.

Colors: 49cm to 64cm in one cm increments
Sizes: AD4 Art Decor Black, AD10 Art Decor Blue, AD11 Art Decor Red

Please give us a call to discuss a custom build with a frameset plus specific components. Colors and sizes subject to manufacturer availability.
La Bicicletta Toronto: 416-762-2679 or via e-mail info@labicicletta.com