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ASSOS Knee Warmer

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ASSOS Knee Warmer

Tuned to meet the demands of the UCI World Tour pro riders, these race-tuned knee warmers are the ultimate go-to product for insulation on those cooler days. #equipmentnotclothing

One of the least complicated yet most flexible pieces in the ASSOS wardrobe, the reworked ASSOS kneeWarmer is a must-have item for spring/fall and summer – if not in your wardrobe, then certainly in your back pocket. Based on feedback from the team riders, these ASSOS knee warmers are now 7cm longer than the previous model to give added protection and comfort. Fulfilling requisite ASSOS standards, these cycling essentials deploy the same performance-led textiles as found in ASSOS cool weather riding jackets, to create these indispensable and super useful accessories.

Worn with regular ASSOS bib shorts or with the cooler-weather ASSOS Spring Fall bibshorts, these are at home in conditions ranging from a cool summer morning to a full Fall or Spring ride. On your body or in your pocket, knee warmers provide added protection when untimely inclement weather comes your way.

Color: blackSeries
Sizes: O, I, II
Size Guide:
O= XS - S
I= M - L

RX light: Elastic and extremely breathable fabric.
Anatomically cut: Labeled to fit your left and right legs while in the riding position.
DWR: Treated with ASSOS Durable Water Repellency treatment.