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ASSOS Summer NS Skin Layer

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ASSOS Summer NS Skin Layer

The ASSOS Summer NS Skin Layer serves as your first line of defense during the hottest days of the year, managing moisture, regulating temperature, and keeping your body cool with its ultralight yarns and seamless design.

Unassuming, hidden from view, and working overtime to keep your core temperature regulated at all times. The humble summer first layer is often an afterthought but we take it seriously, constantly refining its design, composition and silhouette to ensure it keeps you comfortable during the balmiest days of the year.

Starting with the numbers, The ASSOS NS Skin Layer is nearly 30% lighter than its Skinfoil predecessor. The Circular Seamless construction is free of any irritating side seams, creating a uniform tubular knit that’s ultrasoft against the skin. A new blend of carbon and polypropylene yarns are now used, managing moisture much better than previous iterations. The result is an ultralight, breathable, antibacterial first layer that keeps your core as cool and dry as possible.

CLIMACODE 1.3 SUMMER - color code white

Sizes: O, I, II, III
Color: holyWhite

Size reference guide:
O (XS-S)
I (M)

Circular Seamless: A tubular knit technology that’s free of side seams, creating an ultrasoft, comfortable feel against the body.
Composition: 97% polypropylene, 3% carbon fiber