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ASSOS SS.equipeJersey_evo8

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Assos SS.equipeJersey_evo8

July 2019: ASSOS end of production sale item

The SS.equipeJersey_evo8 strikes the perfect balance between performance and price point. Designed for the rider who wants a daily workhorse jersey focused on performance.  Cut in our racingFit, it is designed for cycling rather than sitting in the coffee shop, so put those thoughts of a third macchiato to sleep. With its v-shaped, slightly lower collar, it has been designed for riding on the drops. If, however, caffeine is called for, the sartorially-inclined cyclist can rest assured that this jersey will keep you looking sharp at the coffee bar. Brief stops only.

With performance in mind, key technologies used in our Campionissimo jersey are utilized, including notable design features such as the mesh back for increased breathability. Moreover this jersey welcomes a wealth of new technologies including the 3D structure of the material to increase the surface area making it faster-drying, a more open structure for improved breathability, as well as a bonded, zip, waist and sleeve edges to render it more aerodynamic.

Perfect when combined with any of our summer skinFoil base layers. Designed for speed yet good enough for the coffee shop, the SS.équipeJersey_evo8 is all about performance without breaking the bank.

Colors: nationalRed, voltYellow, blackSeries, holyWhite, calypsoBlue
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XLG, TIR

_ Designed for the racer
_ V-shaped collar for improved comfort while on the bike
_ 3D material for faster drying
_ New material with open structure for improved breathability
_ Bonded zip for improved aerodynamics
_ Mesh rear for increased breathability