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ASSOS fuguHelm

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ASSOS fuguHelm

**Please note that only the whitePanther color version of this item is on sale.

ASSOS "over-engineered" winter hat for extreme winter riding conditions.

Protect yourself on the coldest rides with this ASSOS weather-resistant hat with added insulation and ear coverage. fuguHelm is the ASSOS "over-engineered" head insulator winter hat for "Winter" and "winterPlus" riding conditions. No need to wear anything else on your head, except your bike helmet. FuguHelm is so stylish and functional we also wear it off the bike.

Size guide:
• 0 = 48-53cm / 19-21"
• I = 53-58cm / 21-23"
• II = 58-63cm / 23-25"

• Two-layer hat construction: ASSOS RXQ fabric inside for warmth, ASSOS airBlock & ASSOS stratagonUltra water repelling laminated textile outside
• Ventilation system front & top keeps you drier and enhances temperature stability of your head
• Improved hearing thanks to built-in, heat-insulating 3D honeycomb mesh ear panel
• Eyewear position holders
• dryFast Visor
• Reflective stripe on back