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Apidura Expedition Saddle Pack

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Apidura Expedition Saddle Pack

Designed to make full use of the space under the saddle, eliminating the need for a rear rack. Seam welded, to keep water out and provide maximum protection for contents. Constructed from high quality, waterproof materials and optimized for durability and weight.

Performs best when used to carry lightweight, compressible gear, such as clothing or sleeping gear – but built super strong to handle other loads as well!
This pack has been designed to keep water out, even in a sustained rain.

Available in three sizes, to accommodate a range of cycling needs and bike sizes;
Regular 17L, Midsize 14L, Compact 9L 

  • Regular 17L: Ideal for long haul cycle touring.
  • Midsize 14L: Ideal for off-road and weekend cycle touring.
  • Compact 9L: Ideal for endurance road racers, randonneurs, commuters and other cycling enthusiasts.