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100% Hypercraft HiPER Lens

Color: Matte Stone Grey - HiPER Crimson Silver Mirror
Matte Stone Grey - HiPER Crimson Silver Mirror
Polished Lavender - HiPER Lavender Mirror Lens

100% Hypercraft - HiPER Lens

100%'s super lightweight design, now available in HiPER lens. Weighing in at a scant 23 grams, you won't even notice they're there. The aerodynamically shaped, ventilated lens are laser cut and rimless so that you have no obstruction in your peripheral vision. The rubber ends on the arms and nose piece ensure a secure fit the entire ride. With the Hypercrafts, 100% thought of everything.

What is HiPER?

100% HiPER technology ramps up contrast, amps up colours, and enhances detail so you miss nothing.
Humans can only see 3 colours - red, green, and blue. Our vision begins to distort when these colours begin to blend. HiPER technology filters out these crossovers between colours, thus allowing for crisp, clear contrasts on your ride. Better depth perception, greater contrast in colours, and all-in-all, a more enjoyable ride with HiPER lens.