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Light & Motion VYA Pro series lights

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Light & Motion VYA Pro series lights

The innovative Light & Motion VYA Pro series lights are button-free and turn ON and OFF automatically. Additionally they are fully waterproof and have a built in USB recharging connection. Designed and manufactured in California, USA by a specialist company that only makes great lights, nothing else!

With the main cycling season arriving now, it’s light up time. Light & Motion has made this a bit easier with its VYA series lights, which turn ON and OFF automatically via motion detection sensors.

A smart sensor in the lights identifies that you’ve started to move and turns the lights on. They then emit controlled variable light pulses as you travel, called ‘SafePulse’. Studies have shown that variable flash frequencies lead to quicker identification by other road users than continuous beams or flashes at a constant frequency. This is a feature that is being increasingly included in cycle lighting, improving depth perception for avoidance/improved road safety.

Developed and made in California, USA with waterproof bio-renewable materials, once you stop, the lights automatically turn themselves out, so there’s no chance of you coming out of work on a dark damp evening and discovering you’ve left your lights on and they’ve gone flat.

The VYA Pro HL front light also includes an extra sensor for ambient light levels. This allows it to work in a pulsed mode during the day and a constant mode at night, when you will need to be able to see where you are going. It blasts out 250 lumens in pulsed mode and 200 lumens in constant mode with a six hour and two hour run time respectively.  VYA Pro HL front light

There’s also a VYA Pro TL rear light. This emits 100 lumens with a six hour run-time and a variable pulsed beam pattern. It includes a tail mount designed to take up little room on the seatpost, so that the light doesn’t get in the way of fitting a saddle pack or other accessories. There’s an optional extra mount available that lets you attach the light to the saddles rails too.  VYA Pro TL rear light

A combo set of the VYA Pro front (HL) and rear light (TL) is also available. VYA Pro Combo

The VYA light mounts are designed to be compact and take up little room on bars or seatpost. Securing the light to them via a quarter turn also activates the sensors. Light & Motion indicate that you can recharge the lights fully via their cable free USB plug in 60 minutes.

All VYA lights are IP67 dust and waterproof rated, so they will keep working even when submerged to 1m. Each weighs 30g and has been designed to give 180 degree visibility for added protection from vehicles approaching from the side.

Light up your life! Safe cycling.