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ASSOS Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

ASSOS Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

ASSOS of Switzerland: ASSOS of Switzerland produces an exceptional line of cycling clothing for men and women. New ASSOS Fall/Winter 2018 Collection items have now arrived. 

Some of the key new items:

ASSOS bootie Winter - a zip-free Winter overshoe
ASSOS rain bootie - a zip-free waterproof rain overshoe
ASSOS Spring Fall bootie - a zip-free cool weather/aero overshoe
ASSOS cap Winter - a reworked cool weather essential
ASSOS face mask Winter - another essential reworked
ASSOS neck protector Winter - improved version
ASSOS Equipe RS thermal rain jersey - ASSOS code name Liberty - a waterproof/thermal jersey
ASSOS Equipe RS rain jacket - ASSOS code name schlossHund - now in two colors
ASSOS MILLE GT winter Jacket - ASSOS code name hasHoogie
ASSOS Mille GT Spring Fall Jacket - ASSOS code name ritterKapsel
ASSOS MILLE GT ULTRAZ winter Jacket - ASSOS code name eisenHerz

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