Father's Day 2018

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Father's Day 2018

Perhaps pick-up something to show your appreciation and put a big smile on his face. Small, big or in-between, it's very likely that he really will love it! 

Here are a few gift suggestions for the cycling Dad in your life: 

Cycling socks: high-tech cycling specific socks, comfort for the feet. ...and you can never have too many. Cycling gloves: comfort for the hands. Cycling shorts: new cycling bib-shorts and some chamois cream to comfort the other key contact point on the bike. comfort-comfort-comfort

Hi-tech lubes and other bike maintenance items from Muc-Off. A clean bike and drivetrain=fast

Bike GPS/Computer: Enhance the ride experience by tracking all the useful ride metrics. This can assist rider self-improvement. Cutting "edge" Garmin products; Garmin 1030, Garmin 820, Garmin 520, Garmin 130

Cycling jersey: Again, you can never have too many of these. A great selection of jerseys. ASSOS, Dot Out, Giordana, Sportful, Biemme and others. Maybe a classy La Bicicletta team jersey from ASSOS?

Cycling helmet: Perhaps a new helmet to keep Dad safe? New 2018 arrivals from KASK, Oakley, Giro, etc.

Lights and Cameras: Keep your Dad visible and safe on the road, new Cycliq Fly 12 front camera/light and FLy 6 rear camera/light.

Hi-Performance Cycling Jacket: A high-tech lightweight jacket can take Dad through the ride in comfort protected from the elements; wind-rain-drizzle-cool weather-sunshine.