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ASSOS of Switzerland produces an exceptional line of cycling clothing for men and women. Explore the ASSOS Spring/Fall  Collection items. Time to get ready for the 2021 season. 
ASSOS ALS CLIMACODE 2.3 SPRING/FALL - color code yellow: cool days of Fall and Spring

ASSOS MILLE GT collection is regular fit
ASSOS Equipe RS collection is race fit. 

ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Jacket - medium weight thermal softshell jacket
ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero SS Jersey - lightweight thermal SS jersey
ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero Gilet - extra layer of thermal
ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9 - pair with knee or leg warmers
ASSOS Equipe RS Rain Jacket EVO - improved and now in three colors
ASSOS Mille GT Spring Fall Jacket - airblock protection
ASSOS MILLE GT Spring Fall Airblock Vest - extra layer of thermal
ASSOS MILLE GT Spring Fall Knickers - quick and comfortable
ASSOS Spring Fall bootie - a zip-free cool weather/aero overshoe
ASSOS Warmers/Protectors - useful and extremely versatile items
ASSOS Baselayer Collection - all new versions for men and women
ASSOS Gloves Collection - ...and don't forget to protect your hands!
ASSOS Socks Collection - ...also your feet!

La Bicicletta is your Toronto ASSOS Headquarters.

Look for the CLIMACODE season numeric identifier and colour code throughout the ASSOS range to co-ordinate your ASSOS #EquipmentNotClothing cycling gear.
Follow this for more info on this topic: ASSOS ALS CLIMACODE Seasons
1.3 SUMMER - color code white
2.3 SPRING/FALL - color code yellow
3.3 WINTER - color code blue

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