2018 Tour du Canada ...a cross-Canada Odyssey

2018 Tour du Canada ...a cross-Canada Odyssey

2018 seems to be a year for cross Canada bike rides. This one is the Tour du Canada, the 30th annual version of the event.

La Bicicletta would like to give a shout out to Bruce Kerr of London, Ontario. Bruce will participate in this event along with 20 other riders and travel Canada coast to coast.

Bruce recently visited to La Bicicletta to collect some essential equipment for his upcoming very long distance Tour du Canada bike ride. Excellent no-compromise cycling bib-shorts, chamois cream, cycling specific socks, an under helmet baselayer... all of this to help him suffer in comfort. All across Canada. All ASSOS. #EquipmentNotClothing #sufferincomfort

Follow Bruce Kerr on his 73 day cross-Canada Tour du Canada odyssey bike ride from June 20 to August 31, 2018. The ride commences in Victoria, British Columbia and finishes 70 odd days later in St. John's, Newfoundland, truly a coast to coast adventure! Ten weeks, all ten provinces, 7550 km.

During his La Bicicletta visit Bruce mentioned that during his ride he would try to write/post of his adventures on the road to his Blog every couple of days. This should be an interesting read. Check back now and then to follow his progress.

Tour du Canada information, route etc., may be found here: Tour du Canada

All the Blog entries by Bruce may be found here: Bruce Kerr Blog

Here's a sample of a recent entry as he prepares for the adventure:

My prep for this summer’s Tour du Canada is coming, and so is my fitness. But are they coming fast enough? I’m so excited to be joining 20 other human beings on the road for 72 days but fear sometimes intrudes like a jagged knife. Take yesterday for example.

I have a 38 kilometre circuit on the country roads around Belmont and it was time to do two laps. Should I have done rides longer than 76 k by this point? Sure, but this is what I have. So off I went.

Facing me for much of the journey was a mounting headwind. First lap not so bad but turning into it the second time was a jolt. Smash! And my speed plummeted.

“76 k is nothing! Some days on the tour you’ll do 160. What’s wrong with you?”

Well … actually nothing is wrong with me. I’ve simply stepped on the path of a long journey. There’ll be considerable pain and joy on the way to Newfoundland.

As the wind stiffened in my face, I started yelling and swearing: “You’re _____ _____ doing this! You are crossing your country!” Thankfully empty fields and woodlots were my only companions as I blasted out the words. My teeth gnashed, my eyes narrowed and my soul erupted.

I looked at my stats on the bike computer and gave them the finger. “Who cares? Just crank those pedals.” I started growling and kept it up until I turned away from the wind.

Yes, I really was growling! Your basic predatory animal … or someone like that.

“Take it ____ home!” And I did.

I will not be stopped
I will not give up
I will not let go of my dream

Destination: St. John's Newfoundland